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Cab Controls
Versatility, Style, and Reliability

Some of GT Development’s first products were dashboard mounted controls for air wiper systems. Today, GT is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of pneumatic and electronic controls for heavy-duty vehicles.

From Air Horn Valves, Air Switches, Air/Electric Switches, Dash Valves, Flipper Valves, to Wiper Controls; each product is engineered to provide long life and reliable operation.

GTD has also responded to the preference of individual customers, by creating stylized products that blend with the overall design of their dashboard, such as the OEM custom product, SmartShift AMT Controller.

GT Cab Control product designs are superior for the following reasons:

  • Compact designs minimize the use of valuable space behind the dashboard.
  • Integrated pressure switches and indicator lights eliminate the need for additional components.
  • Custom designed graphics and lighting options available.
  • Innovative features that include push-to-connect fittings, non-contact electrical switching, and micro-processor based functions.