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Marketing claims wonít help you build better trucks at lower costs. Thatís why we back up our claims with solid proof of how our solutions exceed our customersí expectations and give them more value than they asked for.

For example, by working to understand one customerís entire manufacturing process and product line, we reduced the number of horn valves it required from three to one. The valve we designed can be used in nine different configurations to accommodate different truck models. Another version of the product includes a pass-through supply port that allows the valve to provide air to a seat or accessories.

Our concern for design detail includes sensitivity to how parts are installed on the assembly line; which is why GT Development horn valves use push-to-connect fittings that are easier and faster to install than conventional fittings.

The creativity reflected in our design of horn valves is only one indication of GTís heritage of innovation. Another measure of GTís success is the numerous patents and patent applications . . . over 50 . . . that are credited to GTís technical staff. And with GT supporting your engineering project, you can be assured of timely communication and consistent value, as we collaborate on custom, niche product solutions.